Juniper 6 Drawer Dressser

Dresser $2399; Mirror $1199

This rustic, elegant piece of art is made of large, unique juniper slabs.  These pieces you won't see ANYWHERE!   The 6 drawer dresser is made of very large juniper slabs for the sides and top.  The drawer fronts are made of juniper slabs as well, but you will notice that the drawer faces are carved out like a puzzle so that the character parts of the slab can be retained.    The drawers are installed on glides and move smoothly.  The dresser has a light lacquer finish. This wood has lots of color and character.  Large slabs of juniper like these are not readily available and very time consuming to clean up.  You won't find pieces like this any place else. d) 24" h) 35" w)60"

The juniper mirror is approximately 3' x 4 1/2' and is priced seperately.  We ship this frame without the mirror in it.  Our experience with shipping mirrors as proven that it's alot easier for the customer to get a mirror installed in the frame that it is to clean up the broken glass when the box arrives at it's destination.  Mirrors should be $10 to $20 and we have adjusted our price to reflect that.

Mirror Sold Separately! 

If we don't have this in stock, we will probably need 6-8 weeks to get it built.

Call 208-667-1394 for shipping rates.


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