Wood cutout Lake Maps - Local made

Cutout Wood Lake maps - locally made

Lake maps with a dark wood background, light wood cutout of the lake applied to the front.  These are locally made in North Idaho and the maps we stock are for local lakes including some for Washington.  These can be custom ordered, you just need to provide us with the map for the artist to use.  There are several sizes, the smallest approximately 7" x 7" up to approximately30" x 20".  Actual size and orientation depends on the lake map.  Prices start at $15.99 for the smallest to $169. for the large one.

For an additional cost of $30, the artist will use a blue background behind the lake cutout.

We usually stock - Coeur d Alene Lake, Hayden Lake, Lake Pendorille, Priest Lake.  We do have some others in stock at times, but allow 3-4 weeks to order


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