Metal Saguaro Cactus

Prices start at $1500

THESE CACTUS ARE SO COOL!!!  What a great landscape display or they can be used indoors.  These are intricately, handcrafted metal cactus with all the correct detail.  These are actually, fairly light weight and have bases that can be bolted to concrete or secured into the ground.  They are available in green or rust and are available in so many sizes with different numbers or arms that we cannot  provide all of the options here. 

The cactus can be ordered with a light kit that can be used indoors or outside.  Small copper colored flowers can also be ordered to set on the top of each arm.  The lights light up the inside of the cactus giving a warm glow.  Misting kits are also available.  If you choose to use the cactus outside, the misting feature is great on those hot days. 

We have some of the sizes in stock, but if we need to order for you, please allow 4-6 weeks. 

Call 208-667-1394 for shipping rates.


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